Our goal at clever carbon is to teach people about their carbon footprint in a hip, modern, and relatable way. Ultimately, we want to enable #clevercarbondecisions for all.

Think about it. When you’re buying an item at the grocery store, you can make a decision based on nutritional content, branding, price – why not carbon footprint?

In fact, many innovative and hip brands like Oatly and Allbirds are paving the way and already including carbon footprint data directly on their packaging or website.

By teaching people about their carbon footprint and helping them realize they have one in the first place, carbon footprint data will actually be relatable and useful to consumers. The hope is that as consumers become increasingly #carboncurious, more brands will see the value in publishing their carbon footprint, leading to increased transparency and accountability by all.

Global Carbon Technology

Michelle Li | Founder

Michelle launched her career in Silicon Valley where she worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Jawbone, Salesforce, and DocuSign. A TEDx and Dreamforce speaker, Michelle is able to capture audiences and break down complex matters into digestible and delightful sound bites. See her TEDx talk on carbon footprint literacy here.

A proponent for making sustainability the new norm, Michelle founded clever carbon to help teach people about carbon footprint in a hip, fun, and relatable way. She believes a carbon literate society is one where transparency and accountability will flourish and one worth striving for. Join her in a fun and engaging feel-good session that will leave your employees fulfilled and inspired!

Hosted by Peter Levin, In Good Hands is a podcast that features the most promising solutions for climate change. Peter hopes to craft a new narrative around climate – one that opts for optimism and opportunity over fear and inaction.

Tune into this episode featuring Michelle and clever carbon.

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