SXSW 2022

Carbon footprint literacy and the future of consumer brands

Our founder, Michelle Li, spoke at SXSW 2022 on the topic of Carbon footprint literacy and the future of consumer brands. Check out the recorded session below!

0:00 Introductions
5:08 Tell us about Clever Carbon
6:20 The Coffee Menu
8:12 What is carbon footprint?
10:30 Where does carbon footprint come from in our daily lives?
13:22 Find out your personal carbon footprint
17:00 About Pantys
18:20 Pantys carbon label
20:00 About Just Salad
22:28 Carbon labelling process
27:00 Customer response to carbon labels
30:00 State of policy and regulation
31:00 Sustainability beyond carbon labeling
33:20 Advice to companies
35:45 Advice to consumers
37:42 Future of carbon labelling
39:30 Future of carbon literacy
40:25 About Sea Legacy and Only One
42:05 Q&A

You’ve probably been hearing the word carbon footprint a lot in the past year, but you may not yet know what it is and how it applies to our everyday actions. A cup of coffee, an apple, a 5 mile drive, watching TV or attending a virtual meeting – everything we do has an impact (or carbon footprint). Carbon footprint literacy is important because knowing the impact of our everyday actions can help us make better choices for ourselves and the planet. Advocacy for carbon labels, similar to nutrition labels but with carbon emissions data, will grow, and lead to transparency and accountability.

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