During Michelle’s (our founder) time at Salesforce and DocuSign, one of the aspects she enjoys and remembers most is the focus on giving back. At Salesforce, volunteerism was deeply embedded into the workplace culture in a very positive way. At DocuSign, a love for nature and the planet was emphasized. Michelle went on to lead Veganuary at the London DocuSign office (read her blog post on the DocuSign website here). Spearheading these activities allowed her to meet more colleagues and made work more fulfilling.

Clever Actions is a free program for companies to facilitate more experiences like Michelle’s. It includes over 70 actions to help make work fun, help employees take ownership, strengthen culture, and be kind to the planet. Our team at Clever Carbon created each and every action with love and care. There were late nights, sore eyes from staring at the monitor, and numerous meetings with our team and partners to get this to a place where we feel satisfied and proud. We got there.

We hope you enjoy this program with your team and we hope it will help you build strong relationships and a love for our planet.

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