Clever Team Building

“Not another magic show…”, said every employee in 2021.

We understand. It’s hard to continuously find remote team activities that are fun and engaging!

That’s why we created the Clever Team Session to help employees learn a new topic, personal carbon footprint, through an interactive online experience that will also help the planet. If being named “Best Employer” is one of your goals, keep reading!

Completing our team building also earns you points through our free workplace program, Clever Actions! See more here. Also, check out our Clever Conversation Starters, a free weekly service to help companies engage employees in a fun way!


Team Building

Employees will come together to learn and discuss a hot topic – carbon footprint! We’ll use pop quizzes, music and Spotify, and a team activity to make it fun and to provide an opportunity for employees to get to know each other better!

Attract & Retain Talent through Purpose

Sustainability is Business Savvy

Your customers are increasingly looking for sustainable business partners and suppliers. Clever Team Sessions is not only a great way to engage employees, they also show your customers that sustainability is important to your business.

Raising Carbon Literacy

Carbon footprint is a hot topic and buzz word that is both revered and feared. With the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates joining in on the conversation, carbon literacy will be extremely relevant and powerful. Historically, carbon footprint enablement has been complex and can often be intimidating, but the clever team session will make learning extremely fun and easy. Employers are in a unique position to help accelerate and scale carbon footprint literacy. We hope you’ll join us in enabling #clevercarbondecisions!


Company Socials

Company’s love sharing their experience with our workshop. Check out a few examples:


Session Details


  • ~1.5 hrs


  • Video Conferencing (Polls will be used, fun clever carbon backgrounds can be downloaded)
  • Web browser (we’ll be taking an interactive quiz online)

Sample Agenda:

  • Let’s talk carbon (short discussion on carbon footprint, have you heard of it before, if so where, Zoom polls to increase engagement)
  • Pop Quiz (Don’t tell your employees, but we’re going to do a little quiz of the carbon footprint of common items like a banana, a coffee, driving 2 miles, an email, etc)
  • What’s my carbon footprint? (We’ll walk through our 2 min quiz together and have an open discussion on each category to help employees think through the impact of our everyday decisions, all in a positive light)
  • Breakouts (We’ll break out into groups to discuss and reflect on insights from the quiz)
  • Latest in Carbon (What technologies are being developed? Who’s getting involved in the conversation? What does carbon offset, carbon neutral, carbon negative mean?)

Company Certificate​

Upon completion, you’ll receive a custom certificate of completion for your company that you can post to your website or LinkedIn page!


Book Today!​

We’d love to host your team! If you’re interested in booking a session, please send us a message:

Clever Team Building

About the speaker and clever carbon

Michelle launched her career in Silicon Valley where she worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Jawbone, Salesforce, and DocuSign. A TEDx and Dreamforce speaker, Michelle is able to capture audiences and break down complex matters into digestible and delightful sound bites. See her TEDx talk on carbon footprint literacy here.

A proponent for making sustainability the new norm, Michelle founded clever carbon to help teach people about carbon footprint in a hip, fun, and relatable way. She believes a carbon literate society is one where transparency and accountability will flourish and one worth striving for. Join her in a fun and engaging feel-good session that will leave your employees fulfilled and inspired!

Hosted by Peter Levin, In Good Hands is a podcast that features the most promising solutions for climate change. Peter hopes to craft a new narrative around climate – one that opts for optimism and opportunity over fear and inaction.

Tune into this episode featuring Michelle and clever carbon.

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