Earth Day

Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year at Clever Carbon and we’re looking forward to celebrating with our team and yours as well!

We have many ideas and resources for you to make the most out of Earth Day this year! Let’s make this the best Earth Day yet!


What is Earth Day?

Great question! Our very own Raquel walks you through the history of Earth Day in this short video!

Earth Day Webinar

How will your company be celebrating Earth Day this year?!

Whether you are a marketer or a member of the HR and people culture team, Earth Day will likely be on your radar this year, and if it isn’t, keep reading!

This year, we want to help every organization celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful and impactful way. Hosted by Stephanie Korbely from WeWork, Michelle Li and Sabrina Catemario di Quadri will give you ideas and show you how to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework so your organization can maximize its marketing message, impact, and boost culture!

Recommended attendees: Marketers, HR and people culture, Workplace Services, employees interested in celebrating Earth Day in a meaningful way!

Earth Day Stickers and Goodies

Love our Earth Day stickers and gifs? We don’t blame you! To use our gifs on Instagram or other social media, search “clever carbon”. You can also download them with the link below!

Team Building Session!

No better way to celebrate Earth Day than with our hip and fun carbon footprint team building session! Your team will learn about this buzz word, how it applies to their personal lives, and listen to our carbon footprint jams spotify playlist, all in a fun and light-weight atmosphere!

Team Building 01

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Earth Day is a great way to learn about the goals and adopt them within your organization! Check out our fun assets that you can use in your internal communications and external marketing collateral!

Clever Actions Hangout

Want to learn more about Clever Actions, our free sustainability workplace program? Join us for our quarterly hangout with other Clever Actions admins and new users! It’s a fun time where best practices are shared! Our next meetup is April 7th!

Tree Hugging Challenge

🎉 Want to engage your employees and customers in a meaningful way this Earth Day? 🌎

👀 Looking for better ways to make a genuine impact? (Read on to see how this impacts the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!)

🎯We have the solution for you! Introducing the TREE HUGGING CHALLENGE! 🎄🌲🌳🌴

🍎 Did you know that hugging trees is really good for our health? When we hug trees, we release “happiness hormones”! Oxytocin, for example, increases empathy and helps relationship building! Serotonin boosts our mood and improves our sleep! Dopamine increases our drive and motivation and also helps with memory and learning among many other benefits! These hormones are all released when we hug trees!

Shower Challenge

What started as a corporate challenge where companies competed against each other for the shortest average shower time has now been converted to a challenge you can host internally within your company!

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