What is a clever action?

They’re just that – clever actions your organisation can take to make work fun and engaging! Some examples include hosting a team vegan lunch, swapping in packaging-free snacks, and creating a sustainability chat channel. See our full list here and watch the quick tutorial below!

Who can participate?

Anyone or any company or any organization! It’s completely free, and you can freely use our clever actions! You can submit ones to us as we’ll give you credit and you get some points (CA14)! If you’d like, you can also let us know your company is participating and get more points (CA8)!

Is there a monthly commitment or points or actions?

Nope! Use this as frequently or infrequently as you’d like! 

Is this free?

Yes! Clever Actions is entirely free!

Do you need support?

Yes! If your company is in a position to give us a High-Five, we’d love that (and you can earn points CA14)! We also love discounted (ok let’s be real free) software or services, a shoutout in a newsletter, a speaking opportunity, or anything else to help spread the word about Clever Carbon and Clever Actions!

How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked! See our detailed Getting Started Guide!

Will the action list change?

Yes! We’ll be adding more actions over time and we may make adjustments to previous actions. See here for updates on changes. The Clever Actions List is a living, breathing, dynamic entity!

Can I get points by doing a clever action multiple times?

Nope, for  simplicity’s sake, every action can only be eligible for points once, but you should still repeat actions if you like them!

We [insert action like put up the coffee menu in our kitchen] in five kitchens! Do we get 5x the points?

One coffee menu that goes up earns you the points, no matter how many kitchens or office buildings. But we recommend putting them where it makes sense in your organization!

Will you audit the points?

Nope! It’s an honor system program!

Can I contribute a Clever Action?

Yes! Use this form and also collect some points (CA14)!

We work very hard at clever carbon!

High Five!

We have big plans and a robust roadmap at clever carbon. Your support helps us reach our goals and further our reach.

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