Getting Started

Step 1: Scan the list of clever actions

Good news, there are a lot of clever actions including start a sustainability chat channel (CA1), host a clothing swap party (CA23), or start tracking energy usage in your building (CA61)! See quick start recommendations or the full list here.

The best way to get started is to spend some time and scan through the different actions. You can segment them by level of effort (low, medium, high), suitable for remote work, fun team activities, and more! Each action also has points associated. If you’re planning to track your points (which we hope you do), keep this in mind as you’re scanning!

See video below for a detaled description!

Step 2: Select the actions you want to take

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different actions available, start making note of the ones that you think your team or company would enjoy. You can also note the actions you’re already doing and start accumulating points! 

If you’ve decided you want to start keeping track of the actions you’re interested in and/or have already completed or start accumulating points, we have two options for you!

  1. Google Sheet (slightly more manual, make a copy of the sheet)
  2. Airtable (See video here)

Step 3: Share with employees

The best part about Clever Actions is sharing the fun with your team! Send an email or a chat message letting them know you’re starting Clever Actions at your organization (and get some points as well CA3) and have your team take a look at the list and express which actions they’re interested in!

Step 4: Update during company meetings

Getting everyone engaged on a regular basis makes this something your team will look forward to during company updates! Best thing is you get points for this (CA5) and we also have some snazzy Google Slide or PowerPoint templates that you can drop into your preso!

Google Slide Template
PowerPoint Template

We work very hard at clever carbon!

High Five!

We have big plans and a robust roadmap at clever carbon. Your support helps us reach our goals and further our reach.

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