Corporate Challenges 😺🏆

Clever Actions makes sustainability fun, but corporate challenges take fun to the next level!

Throughout the year we’ll plan challenges where companies can participate and engage in friendly competition against each other. Employees have fun, companies build culture and engage team members, the planet enjoys new sustainability champions. A win-win-win! See our past challenge and winners and stay tuned for upcoming challenges!


🎉 Want to engage your employees and customers in a meaningful way this Earth Day? 🌎

👀 Looking for better ways to make a genuine impact? (Read on to see how this impacts the UN Sustainable Development Goals!)

🎯We have the solution for you! Introducing the TREE HUGGING CHALLENGE! 🎄🌲🌳🌴


Winning Company: Tourlane

A competition to see which company has the shortest average employee shower time! Tourlane blew past the competition at 47.7 seconds average shower time!

Congratulations! See more details about the challenge here.

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