🚿Shower Challenge 🛁


What is it?

During January 2022, we hosted a corporate challenge to determine the company with the shortest average employee shower time. The winner was Tourlane, coming in at 47.7 seconds! See our Instagram and LinkedIn posts with tips and anecdotes!


What is it?

A competition on which company has the shortest average employee shower time. Each employee will time ONE shower, submit their time, and we’ll calculate the average and announce who the winning team is! Each company does not have to have 100% employee participation in order to qualify.


Because strategizing with team members and learning about water conservation is beautiful AND fun! Also, meet some new companies and friends along the way!

Oh, and bragging rights and a public announcement of the winner on social media channels. Let’s signal to other companies that sustainability at the workplace is normal and fun! We’ll also be creating a “Hall of Fame” web page where future group challenge winners will be forever immortalized!

Most importantly, raising awareness for decreasing global fresh water supplies. We can all do more to save water, especially when it’s a fun competition!

Ok and when?

We are collecting ONE shower time per employee during the week of January 17, 2022 through January 21, 2022. The winning team will be announced the week of January 24th!

Some details?

  1. Each employee can submit ONE shower time. We will provide a unique form for each company for their employee’s to use.
  2. Shower time starts when the tap turns on and ends when the tap turns off. If you turn on the tap and wait 30s for the water to warm up, that time counts towards your shower time. However, if you catch the water and repurpose, that time does not count towards your total shower time. Strategize!!
  3. 100% participation by employees is not required, although participation is encouraged.
  4. This is an honor system competition. Honorability is encouraged. 😬
  5. Strategizing with your team is also encouraged, it’s a competition after all!
  6. If you are participating in Clever Actions (not mandatory), you get a whopping 2,000 points for this challenge CA85.


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