Clever Conversation Starters

We would love to live in a world where having an engaged dialogue on sustainability and employee sustainability committees is standard at every company!

A sustainability committee, aka green team, can help the company on sustainability initiatives ranging from advocating for compost in the office kitchen, facilitating dialogue on sustainability tips, to organizing team activities like a nature walk or litter picking. Creating and supporting a green team has many benefits for a company, such as improved retention, attracting new talent, and helping the planet!

Our clever conversations starters initiative aims to make it easier for companies to start or maintain a dialogue, all in a fun and interactive way. It’s simple, we supply a topic every week for your employees to discuss. All you have to do is copy and paste the topic into your chat channel! Sample topics include, team eReader or team paperback, guess how many light bulbs you have in your house, etc.

We’ll post the content on LinkedIn every week and you can also subscribe to a weekly email with the post to make it easier!


  1. Create a chat channel on Slack or another chat tool (if one doesn’t already exist)
  2. Check our LinkedIn every Monday or subscribe for a weekly new clever topic
  3. Copy and paste topic in your chat channel
  4. Visit this page for more topics!

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