Clever Carbon at COP27

Attending COP for the first time ever was an incredible experience for Clever Carbon. From side events including Goals House and Bloomberg Green to the main conference and Blue Zone area, our founder, Michelle Li, took it all in. 

Keep scrolling to see what we got up to at COP27!

COP27 Review and Reflections

If you’re curious what #COP27 was like, this is for you!

Michelle Li will share what it was like to attend as a first-timer
Emilie McGlone will share her experience and how this year compared to others
Frances Fuller will share what it’s like to be part of an actual negotiation

Watch the full recording here!

We Don’t Have Time Pitch

Our founder, Michelle Li, pitched Clever Carbon to a panel of esteemed judges at COP27. Why is carbon literacy imperative for a net-zero future? Tune in below!

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