Clever Carbon Downloads

Beautifully designed and handy carbon guides, wallpapers and more – so you can learn more about your carbon footprint and share it with others! Download for free!

Table of Contents

The Coffee Menu

Help us start a movement! Print or make your own coffee menu and share with your favorite coffee shops. See our coffee page for shop owner FAQs and more information.

Pocket Guide

Forget the footprint of a banana or flight? Never again! Save to your favorite photos on your smartphone!

The Poster

Customers or guests waiting at the checkout? Give them something fun and helpful to do! Print for free (8.5 x 11 paper optimized) and place in a frame for a hip addition to your space!

Climate Era Leaders Cheat Sheet

All Climate Era Leaders should be able to answer these 8 questions! Download the cheat sheet, fill in the answers, and help your leaders get carbon and climate literate! Learn more here!

Zoom Backgrounds

Fun and clever meetings guaranteed when used!

Household Energy Consumption

This is an Instagram stories template! Learn about the carbon footprint of your household energy consumption and help us spread the word! Find out your energy consumption last month, multiply it by the carbon emissions factor to find the carbon footprint, and tag your friends!

Carbon Footprint Jams Nomination Template

Use our cool templates to post to your stories and nominate your song. Be sure to tag the artist and clever carbon!

Cell Phone Background

Addicted to our fun branding? We are too!

UN Sustainable Development Goals Goodies

Use the stamps on your internal or external comms! Use the goodies anyway you’d like!


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