Energy Literacy


Our climate challenge is an energy challenge!

How you ask?! In the late 1700’s, our demand for in-home lighting fueled the need for energy. The demand was originally met by whale oil which became scarce and too expensive. Kerosene came next, and eventually we transitioned to electricity.

Whereas demand for energy and electricity originated from household needs, today, energy has grown to industrial scale, powering global trade and a necessity for GDP and growth.

Primary energy comes in the form of fossil fuels that contain hydrocarbons that are rich in energy when combusted. A byproduct of this combustion is greenhouse gases (GHG), the most common of which is carbon dioxide. GHGs accumulate in the atmosphere and trap heat; the more energy we consume, the more heat we trap. Today, the effects of energy demand have led to what we call climate change.

The energy transition, replacing fossil fuels with renewable and low-carbon energy, is imperative, but will not happen overnight. In the meantime, reducing our energy consumption in our personal lives and professional endeavors can help us more quickly decarbonize.

Energy literacy is imperative and as always, we intend to make it fun, relatable and informative! Keep reading to learn more!


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