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Carbon literacy is important because when we have a carbon literate society, we can accelerate the adoption of carbon labels. In turn, transparency and accountability will thrive, much like how nutritional labels changed the game for consumers and manufacturers.

But wait, what’s a carbon label? Check out the Pantys carbon label below. Imagine if carbon labels were available for…everything?! All products and services? Help us build that world!

As a product manager, responsibilities will include:

  • Improving and maintaining our carbon label guide on a regular basis
  • Keep tabs on new companies/brands that are carbon labelling
  • Keep tabs on new consulting companies that are offering carbon labelling
  • Keep tabs on legislature and standards being developed
  • Be on the path to becoming a carbon label expert through conversations and interviews with brands and third party consultants

This is a volunteer role. Dedicating 5 to 10 hours a week would be ideal.

This is Volunteer role.
Last Updated: March 20, 2022

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