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We’re looking for an experienced Slack Developer for Clever Conversation Starters! Are you our person?!

What are ‘clever conversation starters’?
Our clever conversations starters initiative aims to make it easier for companies to start or maintain a dialogue, all in a fun and interactive way.
It’s simple, we supply a topic every week for your employees to discuss. These topics are shaped in a ‘water-cooler talk’ kind of way. Sample topics include: uses of lemons, team eReader or team paperback, favorite mountain sports, etc. See past topics here.

Our next goal for ‘clever conversation starters’ is to build an app. A Slack channel app in particular. This way the process of sharing topics will automated and stable in companies work channels.

High level requirements:

  • Voting poll for your favourite option 
  • Comment section for employee to share their choices and tips
  • Automatic upload into channel by CCS Slackbot
  • Analytics tracking by clever carbon

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Experience with Slack interface 
  • Experience with app development
Last Updated: September 10, 2021

We work very hard at clever carbon!

High Five!

We have big plans and a robust roadmap at clever carbon. Your support helps us reach our goals and further our reach.

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