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Michelle joins me on the podcast today to talk about making carbon literacy more accessible and easier to understand. We discuss her experiences at COP27, the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference, and her expectations for COP28 which will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates this year.
We also talk about her transition from Silicon Valley to building a nonprofit. And we delve into the controversial topic of personal responsibility vs corporate and governmental responsibility relating to carbon footprints. Tune in here. July 2023

Let’s cut out all the confusion around carbon footprints, and let’s make a carbon literate society. Especially for our world leaders.

And if you want to comprehend carbon in a way that is fun and easy to understand, then definitely go check out

It is so simple on there.

But what Michelle mentions during this interview, and what is even more important is what you do after you find out what your Carbon Footprint is.

Your goal is to reduce it, but how?

During this interview Michelle provides a heuristic for you to use as you are going about your day making decisions, and how to choose something that has less of a carbon footprint. You have to think about the life cycle of the product.

And if you don’t know, some really progressive companies are starting to place Carbon labels on their products to show how much of a carbon footprint it has.

Which is really exciting for expanding the number of people who are carbon literate worldwide. May 2023

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Is there a place for playfulness within the very serious issues of our day? Michelle Li identifies it as critical. When creating Clever Carbon, Michelle deliberately developed a cheeky, hip, playful tone to the teaching of climate footprint. Creating joyful spaces of learning may be a different approach than many in the climate industry, but it just may help us adopt new habits. Tune in here. Mar 2023

The ‘Ready or Not, Change is Coming’ Is a 12-part climate podcast series, aiming to capture the attention of everyday people who might not necessarily associate the climate crisis with their lives, especially when they might be living paycheck to paycheck. We aim to tell and share stories (and science!) through an engaging and open dialogue to explain in laymans terms to help explain what is happening, how people are being affected and what citizens can do about it. In episode 5, Michelle speaks about carbon footprint literacy and why it’s important. Tune in here. Dec 2022

On Gender Day at COP27, our founder Michelle Li joined the United Nations daily round-up podcast for a discussion on Women and Climate.

Tune in on Apple Podcasts or from the UN website. Michelle’s segment begins at 17:20.

Nov 2022

Hosted by Peter Levin, In Good Hands is a podcast that features the most promising solutions for climate change. Peter hopes to craft a new narrative around climate – one that opts for optimism and opportunity over fear and inaction.

Tune into this episode featuring Michelle and clever carbon.

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