Current Members

Michelle Li
Michelle Li
Founder | New York, US 

Michelle launched her career in Silicon Valley where she worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Jawbone, Salesforce, and DocuSign. A proponent for making sustainability the new norm, Michelle founded clever carbon to help teach people about carbon footprint in a hip, fun, and relatable way. She believes a carbon literate society is one where transparency and accountability will flourish and one worth striving for. Join her in a fun and engaging feel-good session that will leave your employees fulfilled and inspired!

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Irene Jesse Tania
Irene Jesse Tania
Senior Marketing Associate | Jakarta, Indonesia

Irene, another long standing member, is our social media guru and so much more. She creates incredible content including the carbon footprint of common items posts on Instagram that are always a big hit. Always cheery, engaged, and passionate, we feel super lucky to have Irene on our team!
raquel headshot with badge transparent
Raquel Jurado
Corporate Sustainability Associate | Copenhagen, Denmark

Raquel is originally from Spain and currently lives in Denmark. She is doing her MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Copenhagen. She is passionate about research and understanding carbon data, and she hopes to use her knowledge to help people learn about carbon footprint in a simplified way. In her free time, Raquel is dedicated to her garden where she grows plants and vegetables. In her own words: “It’s simply exciting to see growth happen from seedling to a full-grown plant. It’s rewarding to be able to eat what you grow”.
Keomony Sen

Mony Sen
Marketing Associate | London, UK

Mony is our content guru! From our newsletter to our weekly LinkedIn content, Mony pours love and creativity into her pieces and helps us spread the word on carbon literacy! Mony is currently studying Marketing at Hult International Business School. She’s driven by her passion for education and sustainability, and her work in marketing will help us make our quiz accessible to more people, build awareness and literacy on carbon footprint, and ultimately make #clevercarbondecisions together.

Diana de Schutter

Diana de Schutter 
Content Contributor | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Diana is a long standing member of the clever carbon team and her work has directly led to significant exposure of our 2 min carbon footprint quiz! One of her signature projects is her celebrity carbon footprint badges where she highlights celebrities doing good. They’re always a hit and help us recognize celebs that are using their platform to spread important messages. Diana is also a Miro wizard and hosts our team meetings in a fun and engaging way!

Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde
Developer | Sheffield, UK

Ben is as OG as it gets! He created our website that is up for an Awwward nomination and is the brains behind our 2 min carbon footprint quiz! See Ben’s interview here and check out his personal website and blog!
sabrina headshot with badge
Sabrina Catemario di Quadri
Sustainability Associate | London, UK

Sabrina graduated from University of Edinburgh with a degree in psychology, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Business at Hult International Business School London Campus. She’s half Italian and half Portuguese, was born and raised in Switzerland, and now living in England (Talk about a third culture kid!). She loves nature and animals, and enjoys reading, hiking, and taking long walks in her spare time.  Her passion to create a more carbon-friendly world led her to clever carbon, as well as her determination to make more clever carbon decisions. Did we also mention she’s a vegan?!
ronja headshot with badge

Ronja Willoch
Head of Comms | London, UK

Ronja joins us from many diverse backgrounds, from working in the fashion and beauty industry with companies like L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, to being a former performing arts major and a singer. We LOVE the different passions she has! She’s currently pursuing a graduate degree in International Business at Hult London.

Born and raised in Norway, Ronja embodies the true Scandinavian spirit with her love for nature and the determination to protect it. She joined clever carbon to be part of the solution to a carbon-friendly planet and to help bridge the gap between business and sustainability. Ronja in her own words: ‘I love the positive mindset that clever carbon represents.’ Our reply: We love your positive spirit too!

audrey headshot with badge

Audrey Shiu
Corporate Sustainability Program Manager | Brooklyn, NY

Audrey‘s story is one full of inspiration. Audrey is originally from Hong Kong, and had moved to Switzerland earlier in her career to pursue a degree in hospitality and management. A sea of opportunities opened up in New York, and Audrey found her way there after graduation. She landed amazing jobs in advertising working with big players like Pfizer and AT&T. 

Recently, she decided to pivot her career into climate and sustainability. Possessing a strong passion for sustainability, she took time off and completed a sustainability course with NYU. She made a commitment to be a better person for the planet, and we’re all in for it! 

But Audrey as a person is not all about her career. She loves cooking, watercoloring, and doing arts projects. In fact, she made Christmas stockings from scratch last year (?!). She has a fantasy of living on a farm, with a vegetable garden and lots of pets!


Frank Buncom
Frank Buncom IV
Special Projects | New York, US

Originally from California, Frank is a Stanford graduate in human biology. He’s currently living in New York and working as the Head of Product at AIRx Health, where he leads the development of a digital healthcare product and continuously impacts the lives of his through virtual patients. In his spare time, Frank enjoys dancing and tinkering around the house to find stuff to fix or build something up. We love the ‘get-your-hands-dirty attitude. Frank believes in small actions that drive big changes, like lowering our individual carbon footprint. His passion for action is what led him to join clever carbon.
petya headshot badge
Petya Miller
PR Strategist | Vermont, US

Petya is originally from Bulgaria and has spent the last two years living as a nomad and is now preparing to settle in Vermont. She’s a PR and communications queen, and in her spare time, she’s also a yoga teacher. Her passion for writing and psychology led her to write a children’s book on sustainability and positive habits for the planet. Aside from that, Petya is a mother to two cats and an advocate for animal rights. She enjoys being around nature, reading, and trying new sports.
Molly Sweeney
Molly Sweeney
Corporate Sustainability Associate | San Francisco

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