Michelle Li
Michelle Li
Founder | New York, US 

Michelle launched her career in Silicon Valley where she worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Jawbone, Salesforce, and DocuSign. A proponent for making sustainability the new norm, Michelle founded clever carbon to help teach people about carbon footprint in a hip, fun, and relatable way. She believes a carbon literate society is one where transparency and accountability will flourish and one worth striving for. Join her in a fun and engaging feel-good session that will leave your employees fulfilled and inspired!

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Irene Jesse Tania
Irene Jesse Tania
Senior Marketing Associate | Jakarta, Indonesia

Irene, another long standing member, is our social media guru and so much more. She creates incredible content including the carbon footprint of common items posts on Instagram that are always a big hit. Always cheery, engaged, and passionate, we feel super lucky to have Irene on our team!
juliana headshot with badge
Juliana Maciel   Head of International | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Juliana joins us from the Hult international business school network. With over 10 years of experience in Branding, Strategy & Innovation, she is sure to help our message on the importance of making #clevercarbondecisions transcend any border! Residing in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Juliana will also bring a unique international perspective and help us relate to people and brands from Latin America.
Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde
Developer | Sheffield, UK

Ben is as OG as it gets! He created our website that is up for an Awwward nomination and is the brains behind our 2 min carbon footprint quiz! See Ben’s interview here and check out his personal website and blog!
amalie headshot with badge

Amalie Aarestrup
Sustainability Project Analyst | London, UK

Amalie is from Norway but she’s now living in London while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Management at Hult International Business School. She’s also an intern in the Open Innovation department at Brambles. Amalie loves the outdoors, food, and fashion, and when she told us a fun fact about her, we were simply in awe! Fun Fact: During her exchange year, she spent 10 months sailing across the Atlantic with people from all over the world! 🌎

Amalie loves experiential learning, and she joined clever carbon to learn more about sustainability and pave her way towards a purpose-driven career.

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