Carbon Footprint Lesson Plan

Welcome teachers and parents!

Our goal at clever carbon is to teach people about their carbon footprint in a hip, modern, and relatable way. Ultimately, we want to enable #clevercarbondecisions for everyone, including students!

We interviewed several teachers and found that there’s a strong desire to teach students on topics of sustainability, but there isn’t a lot of great content. We therefore created this fun and engaging lesson plan, using our 2 min hip and fun carbon footprint quiz as a foundation. Give it a try!

How to use the lesson plan

1) Materials

2) Length of class

  • ~50 mins (adjustable by teacher, see notes in slide deck)

3) Student Notes

  • Grade 6 and above
  • Ideally, students will have access to a smart phone or laptop so they can do the quiz with the teacher. If they don’t have access to either, the teacher can share their screen and do the quiz with the class together.

4) Topics Covered

  • What is carbon footprint?
  • Where is carbon footprint in my life today?
  • What are different topics to consider in my life so I can make #clevercarbondecisions?


Does clever carbon make money from the lesson plan?
Nope! This is solely to help our young friends become carbon literate and make #clevercarbondecisions earlier on in life!

Can I share with other teachers?
Absolutely! The more people teaching this content, the better!

Has the content been approved for use in classrooms?
Nope, not officially! We let teachers decide if the content is classroom appropriate. We’ve also shared the content with other teachers and received feedback before releasing. If you have additional thoughts, please feel free to share

Can I make changes to the slides?
Yes! If you make a copy/duplicate the slide, you can edit content as you see fit.

Would you like a shoutout if the kids enjoy the class?
Yes please! Feel free to tag us on Instagram or LinkedIn if you’d like to share your experience!

Can I give feedback on the lesson plan?
Yes! Please share any feedback to

We work very hard at clever carbon!

High Five!

We have big plans and a robust roadmap at clever carbon. Your support helps us reach our goals and further our reach.

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