Eight Questions Climate Era Leaders Should Know the Answer to

💡 But wait, who is a Climate Era Leader (CEL) you ask? 💡

A CEL is anyone who leads an organization TODAY. An organization can include a company, non-profit, school, government body, city, country, or other entity.

⚡ And why do CEL’s need to know the answers to these 8 questions? ⚡

Having a baseline understanding of your organization’s impact on the planet with respect to  energy consumption and carbon emissions, as a first step, is imperative. Understanding global emissions data and thresholds is also key to accelerate urgency and creating initiatives that will actually have an impact.

If you’re a CEL, know that you don’t have to be perfect, and that learning is a journey and we must all start somewhere. The outdated thought that having an ESG team put in place a net zero target is no longer sufficient. Carbon and climate literate leaders are the new standard so don’t get left behind!

If you work within an organization, expect your leaders to know the answers to these questions!

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Climate Leader Cheat Sheat

All Climate Era Leaders should be able to answer these 8 questions! Download the cheat sheet, fill in the answers, and help your leaders get carbon and climate literate!

CC53 CEO Leaders Cheat Sheet

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